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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Elephant Stories Consulting specialize in?

Elephant Stories Consulting is a specialized consultancy firm that combines data analysis, research, and social science expertise to connect businesses with their target consumers. We help businesses identify areas of misalignment between their products, consumers, and brand narratives. We also provided strategy analysis in the following areas; Organizational Strategy, Functional Strategy, Strategy & Operations and Digital Strategy. We also offer individualized coaching, DEIB consulting and workshop/training seminars. 


What type of clients does Elephant Stories Consulting work with?

We have worked with a wide array of clients across various industries from educational + strategy consulting with Pitzer College of The prestigious Claremont Colleges to collaborating with a Black women owned Communications Agency start-up with building out strategy + operations. Our specialty is data analysis, research and incorporating social sciences with an empathetic lens. Our strategy focuses are Organizational Strategy, Functional Strategy, Strategy & Operations and Digital Strategy.


How does Elephant Stories Consulting gather data to improve brand strategies?

Our consultants employ strategic questioning techniques to gather stories from the target audience. By connecting word-of-mouth testimonials with the brand, we identify areas of alignment and misalignment. Through comprehensive data analysis, research, and coaching, we uncover opportunities for process improvement, operational efficiency, and brand development.


What services does Elephant Stories Consulting offer?

We offer a range of services, including strategic consulting, brand storytelling, business restructure, messaging development, employee engagement, executive coaching, and workshops/training sessions on storytelling and communication skills. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.


What can businesses expect from partnering with Elephant Stories Consulting?

Businesses can expect a collaborative and tailored approach to their unique challenges. We offer expertise in data analysis, research, and social sciences to provide customized solutions. Our goal is to empower businesses to craft compelling stories, enhance their consumer experiences, and achieve long-term success.


How does Elephant Stories Consulting help businesses improve their brand narrative?

We provide resourcing, tools, system optimizations, and efficiency models to enable businesses to craft a powerful and cohesive narrative that enhances their products and creates exceptional consumer experiences. Our focus is on developing an authentic story that represents the brand's identity and values.


What makes storytelling important for businesses?

Stories have a lasting impact on individuals and play a crucial role in the consumer experience. At Elephant Stories Consulting, we understand the power of good storytelling and its ability to connect with consumers on a deeper level. We help businesses tell better stories that resonate with their target audience.


What is the role of Elephant Stories Consulting in bridging the gap between brands, products, and experiences?

We act as a bridge between brands, products, and experiences. We help identify areas of misalignment or roadblocks through collaboration with both brands and their consumers. By gathering and analyzing stories, we uncover deeper insights beyond traditional reviews, helping businesses address operational challenges and enhance their overall brand experience.


How does Elephant Stories Consulting ensure brand authenticity and effective communication?

We work closely with businesses to develop their authentic narrative and ensure consistency across all touchpoints. By aligning the brand story with consumer expectations, we enhance brand authenticity and build strong connections. Effective communication strategies are integral to our approach, helping businesses convey their message clearly and engagingly.


How can I get started with Elephant Stories Consulting?

Wether your focus is to shape your brand's story, strategic development, operational consulting or coaching, contact us today. We will guide you through the process and help take your brand to new heights. Let us partner with you on your journey towards an authentic narrative and exceptional consumer experiences.

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